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10 Google Quick Tricks For Better Search Results

Google is the big platform to the internet world, Search Giant Google used several times in a day to make your life easy if you Look for something on Google and it will throw at you a million results. But how do you isolate that one thing that you were actually looking for?

So here are 10 Google Tricks to help maximize and improve your Google search results.

1- Use Quotation marks “”

Do you ever look for a quote from Shakespeare and instead get results from websites that deal in cheesy love quotes? Using quotation marks will make your search more organized and show results in which the words appear in the exact order as you typed.

2- Use “related:” to look for similar websites.

If you’re looking for websites that are related to a specific site. This amazing syntax will give you related website options so you can work on that assignment without citing only a single website.

For example- 

3- Use “define:”

Use “define:” to ask Google for a definition of a word instead of relevant articles. For example- define: gorgeous… and other words too

4- Use “OR”

Use “OR” in between two search terms to get results for two things at once. The syntax “OR” will give you results for both the keywords, separately.

5- Use Double Full Stop “..”

Use a double full stop between two numbers to convey ranges. This is handy for pricing, dates and measurements.  use the syntax “..” to save you time and frustration.

6- Use a Hyphen “-“

More of a minus sign, the “-” syntax lets you skip those results which have the words mentioned after the hyphen.

7- Use colon ” : “

Google Home: Android Central

8-  Use “Filetype:”

Whether you are looking for an jpge or a humongous mp4 video file, the syntax will give you results having that particular attachment in the web page.

9- Use “Intitle:”

For example- intitle:nature

10- Use “vs”

Compare two or more things using “vs” between the keywords.




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