Galaxy S8/S8+ & Note 8 users can adds home screen rotation option

A new update to the Samsung Experience Launcher is bringing the option to rotate the home screen to the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ & Galaxy Note 8. This was a feature only available on the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ users until this update, but the update will add it to three other smartphones.

This update now allows users to enable a landscape mode in settings. This update, not a big thing of Galaxy S8/S8
+ and Note 8 users, but  Some users like to use their phone in both a landscape and portrait mode. Phones with larger screens are sometimes difficult to use in a portrait mode because of their length, and today’s tradition of large display phone. The launcher will match the orientation of the app you’re using.

However, it looks like that the option to enable the landscape mode doesn’t appear for everyone, even with the latest version of Samsung Experience Launcher, which suggests that Samsung is making it available to users in waves.

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