Galaxy S8/S8 Plus and Note 8 receiving Calendar update adds sticker in any date

Samsung getting another update of Galaxy S8/S8 Plus and Note 8 users, recently Galaxy S8/S+ and Note 8 user receiving Samsung experience update, and now Samsung getting another update of Calendar update. Both the devices are receiving an update which brings stickers, The Samsung Calendar application now allows you to set an emoji for any given day.

This is useful for a number of different use cases, including simply being able to glance at your calendar and know what’s going on. Samsung S Planner app allows you to add stickers to each day in order to mark a special event that you want to be visible at first glance.

Galaxy S8/S8+ & Note 8 users can add home screen rotation option


Samsung Calendar installed on any of the three Samsung models mentioned: Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8.  so it should slowly appear for everyone in the coming days.

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