Galaxy Watch update delivers now track REM sleep without continuous heart rate monitoring

Just a few days ago Samsung had given a new Galaxy Watch update, Samsung has improved Galaxy Watch REM sleep tracking even more.

According to SamMobile, Samsung has quietly upgraded sleep tracking with its recently updated recent update on its Galaxy Watch models. As usual, Galaxy Watch can track your sleeping pattern after this update, but now it does not require continuous heart rate monitoring to detect REM sleep.

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REM sleep, if you weren’t aware, is “rapid eye movement” sleep and accounts for around 20% of the average adult’s sleep cycle. This cycle of sleep is commonly where the brain is very active and where we may have very vivid dreams. It also causes your heartbeat to increase, which is one way in which the Galaxy Watch tracked the cycle.

To access the REM sleep recording toggle, scroll to and tap the sleep tracking widget on the watch, then tap the three-dot button on the right and tap the Settings option. REM sleep tracking will be enabled by default once the Galaxy Watch update is installed, but you can disable it using the toggle if you wish.

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