Google Home App getting a new update includes a breakdown of your smart home by room and device

Google announced a new update for the Google Home app. We’ve redesigned the Google Home App so that you can control all of your compatible smart devices from one place, saving you from a few headaches along the way.

The new app organizes your devices by room so that you can easily control your speakers, lights, cameras, TVs and more than 10,000 connected devices that work with your Google Assistant.

The latest update brings a new home tab that includes a breakdown of your smart home by room and device. That way, instead of thumbing through multiple apps to control your home, you can do it all within a single app, the Google Home app.

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For example, you can quickly turn off or on the lights in your kitchen, pause music in the living room, and turn off the smart plug in the garage, just by tapping on shortcuts to each rather than telling Google Assistant too. On your way home and want to get your temperature right and turn on the porch lights? You can do that from the Google Home app now.

The updated Home app will be rolling out to iOS and Android users this week. And if you’re new to the Google Home family, you can download it on Google Play and in the App Store.




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