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Google Pay adds support for 16 more banks in the United States

Google Pay continues to take new banks and credit unions every month These are the latest new banks and credit unions added to the US that allow you to pay with smartphones. Google Pay adds support for 16 more banks in the United States to its portfolio.

Since most of the bigger US financial institutions have already made their stance on Google Pay known, additions are usually regional banks or credit unions. Google has just added 16 new banks to its list of financial institutions that offer Google Pay support.

The newly added banks here in the United States are:

  • Arkansas Federal Credit Union
  • Baker Boyer National Bank
  • Bank of Cleveland
  • TN
  • Bank of the Valley
  • Citizens State Bank of La Crosse
  • Everence Federal Credit Union
  • First County Bank (CT)
  • Hopewell Federal Credit Union
  • Kelly Community Federal Credit Union
  • Lubrizol Employees’ Credit Union, North Shore Bank
  • Premier Members Credit Union
  • Sierra Pacific Federal Credit Union
  • Texas Bay Credit Union
  • WyHy Federal Credit Union
  • Wymar Federal Credit Union

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