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How to check battery life of Apple Watch Series 4?

Apple has recently launched iPhone X next series phone as well as Apple Watch Series 4, the Apple Watch Series 4. From a larger display to a built-in electrical heart sensor that can measure a variety of health metrics, the latest device brings along some notable new features. You will be able to Learn How to check battery life of Apple Watch Series 4? That You Must Check Out. Today we are here with Detail guide on checked battery life on your Apple Watch Series 4. As we all know, it’s not the hardware specs alone that define a watch.

Apple claims 18 hours of “all day” battery life, which means your Apple Watch will typically last a full day and charge overnight. However, this isn’t always the case

How to check Apple Watch Series 4 battery life

  1. On Apple Watch, swipe up from the bottom to get to Control Center.
  2. Scroll until you find the battery life block in Control Center.
  3. If the battery is low, you can tap on the icon and swipe to turn on Low Power Mode.

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