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How to control Stress levels on Galaxy Watch, Tips & Tricks

The Galaxy Watch is Samsung’s most refined smartwatch due to its helpful fitness tracking and four-day battery life – if you opt for the larger 46mm size that we liked and recommend. Galaxy Watch amazing and stylish smartwatch of Samsung but it has a number of features integrated. To name a few, there is the amazing stainless steel rotating bezel that helps you navigate the user interface, you will find customizable watch faces to change the everyday look. You will be able to learn How to control Stress levels on Galaxy Watch, Tips & Tricks. Today we are here with Detail guide on Galaxy Watch. This all process one by one that easy to understand.

How to control Stress levels on Galaxy Watch? Read on to know.

  • Wear the watch firmly around your wrist
  • Swipe left on the screen… till you see the Stress widget
  • Tap ‘Measure’ to see how you’re faring
  • Give display another tap to see more

Let’s try to focus on your breathing…

  • Press the Back button
  • Then tap ‘Breathe’ on the screen
  • Ready? Press ‘Start’
  • Inhale and exhale along with the animation
  • Then check your breathing info once you’re done
  • And don’t forget to relax.

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I hope to use to understand all the article on How to control Stress levels on Galaxy Watch, Tips & Tricks. If you have any problem then ask in the comment box. We can solve your problem.

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