Huawei confirms 7nm Kirin 980 smartphone chipset and launch window for Mate 20 series

Huawei has announced its Kirin 980 chipset will power the Mate 20 series of flagship phablets. “According to Mr. Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei CBG [consumer business group – ed], Huawei will unveil the Kirin 980 at IFA, which will be the first commercially available 7 nm chip in the world,” Huawei Mate 20 will be launched this October with the world’s first 7 nm chipset.

Rumors say that the Kirin 980 will feature an octa-core CPU comprising four A76 cores and four A55 cores, with the larger cores running as fast as at 2.8GHz,” Huawei’s release adds.

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The chipset will also be based on TNMC’s 7 nm manufacturing process, which is said to be “about 20% increase in the speed of the processor and about 40% less electricity is consumed compared to its 10 nm counterpart.”

It is widely expected that Qualcomm and Apple will be included in the Huawei 7 nm smartphone chip. Qualcomm has traditionally revealed its latest flagship chip at the end of the year, in which the new year has commercially available phones. Meanwhile, Apple and Huawei reveal their new chips with commercially available phones before the end of the year in the second half of the year. So it seems that the race between Huawei and Apple is the first time in the market with 7 nm chips.

The Huawei Mate 20 is set to launch in October, but no exact date of arrival has been announced as yet.





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