New iPhone 2018 gets benchmarked with 4GB RAM

Apple is the big brand of the global market and his plan new iPhone 2018, and according to the new leaks, the new iPhone 2018 comes with 4GB RAM. The iPhone X have a 3GB RAM, the global market have so many smartphones and they have so 6GB to 8Gb RAM options, but Apple devices have not this type of RAM but the performance is better than other devices.

The report of new benchmarks Apple’s new iPhone have a 4Gb of RAM or the mobile model number is iPhone 11.2. and its running on iOS 12. And the RAM memory is 3748MB or the processor is running on 6 cores.

It will be iPhone X Plus because Apple launched only one model of iPhone x, and previously they have two model of single series like iPhone 8/8+.

Apple iPhone X Plus renders triple rear camera setup

Previous rumor Apple iPhone X Plus have 12MP + 12MP dual camera setup with a wide-angle lens and telephoto lens respectively, The camera has optical image stabilization and 2x optical zoom. The iPhone X Plus has to become Apple’s largest smartphone, at least as far as display size is concerned. A 6.5-inch display is expected, which is considerably larger than the 5.8 “OLED screen of the iPhone X 2017. Also, the controversial notch will be on the 2018 model. The total dimensions (158.4 x 78.1mm) will not be larger than the iPhone 8 Plus, this has everything to do with the narrower screen edges of the iPhone X Plus.



Source: /LEAKS


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