OnePlus 6 gets a major feature Compared to Galaxy S9 just yet

There’s just one week to go until the new OnePlus 6 gets its grand Launching in London. Fans of the popular Chinese smartphone brand will get to see what’s coming next at a major event in London on May 16 and it’s looking pretty exciting. The OnePlus 6 is most awaited smartphone of 2018.

This device is expected to be packed with flagship features including an edge-to-edge display, dual-rear camera, Best selfie camera and fast Qualcomm processor. It’s also expected to feature a water-resistant all-glass design and get the usual fast refills via Dash charging. There’s no official word on specs or price but one thing we do know is that fans who buy one will get a feature you can’t yet find on the new Galaxy S9.

Compare OnePlus6 vs OnePlus5T The Flagship Smartphone

Along with the OnePlus 6, Google has also revealed a number of other smartphones that will be compatible including the Google Pixel and Sony Xperia XZ2 – but there’s currently no sign of Samsung joining the Android P party.

Once installed on your smartphone this new OS brings a swathe of extra features including a more streamlined and less cluttered appearance. Google has also used machine learning to create something called Adaptive Brightness.

Google announced last night, at its developer’s conference, that its Android P beta is now available to download on some devices including the OnePlus 6. This means that anyone who buys this latest device will be able to install this fully refreshed version of Android.

This intelligent feature learns how you like to set the brightness slider given your surroundings with Google saying it does a better job than current inbuilt settings on most smartphones. App Actions, for instance, help Android fans get to the next task more quickly by predicting what they want to do next.


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