OnePlus 6 Mod Turns The Earpiece Into Second Stereo Speaker

OnePlus 6, the Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus, is arguably one of the best device in the mid-range premium segment.

OnePlus relies on traditional bottom-mounted speaker for delivering audio. This is in contrast to front-facing stereo speaker setup seen on several other flagship smartphones in the market. The problem with a traditional speaker placement which fires downward is that it could be covered by your hand while holding the smartphone in landscape mode.

  1. XDA Senior member acervenky has created a mod for the OnePlus 6 that turns the earpiece speaker into second external stereo speaker. Once enabled, the audio that would normally play only via the bottom firing speaker will also play from the earpiece speaker. The developer says that you will need Magisk, a root and universal systemless interface, in order to enable the mod on your OnePlus 6.
    The mod is reported to work partially on a stock version of OxygenOS, the custom ROM developed by OnePlus. In order to get stereo audio working, the developer recommends that you have the NoLimits ROM or Viper Audio installed on the device.

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