OnePlus 6 Open Challenges iPhone X, Galaxy S9 and Pixel 2 In Blind Test

As the excitement builds for next week’s launch of the Most awaited smartphone of 2018 OnePlus 6, the company has been teasing the capabilities of the new phone’s dual camera, OnePlus 6 Open Challenges to differentiate its output from the best available from Apple, Samsung and Google. The oneplus challenge to all world’s best smartphone company to compare dual camera any smartphone.

In a new blind test posted on the official website of  OnePlus India website, the company pits the forthcoming OnePlus 6 against Apple’s iPhone X, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Google Pixel 2, three of the best-performing smartphone cameras currently available.

Without naming the cameras which took each photo, the blind test invites readers to select their favorites from each of four categories: ‘Architecture’, ‘Low Light’, ‘Low Light Portrait’ and ‘Portrait’.

The blind test also forms the basis for a competition where users can enter a lucky draw to win items from a selection of OnePlus goodies, including a OnePlus 6.

Importantly, all sample images have been stripped of any identifying metadata and reduced to the same size and shape in pixels. This has the effect of making it harder to distinguish between them as only full-size samples can fully reveal any advantages to be gained from higher-resolution cameras and sharper lenses.

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Recently Oneplus show a photo of a new OnePlus 6 Cameraphone for asking quiz. The latest OnePlus 6 teaser hints at a camera that will take on some of the best camera mobile offerings out there. Now OnePlus 6 launching on five days. and daily something release by OnePlus for the audience who waiting for this SmartPhone. with the smartphone expected to boast a number of high-end specs, among which will be a new dual-camera setup. Now, thanks to the brand’s latest teaser, it appears the company is certainly confident in its new smartphone’s photography capabilities

The teaser in question challenges ask Twitter users to match four pictures to the respective devices, There four option means four mobile photos for choose and option are Google’s Pixel 2, Samsung’s Galaxy S9Apple’s iPhone X and, of course, OnePlus’s own OnePlus 6. These are obviously not just random selections, they are regarded by many as some of the best smartphone cameras around, suggesting the OnePlus 6 will give them a run for their money. Historically, OnePlus’ cameras haven’t been regarded as the best on the market, so this year it appears OnePlus is looking to change this. After all, recent rumors claimed the smartphone’s higher price tag would be justified by a significantly improved camera.

But there is confirmation about camera features because all roumor are different but The upcoming smartphone is currently expected to include a main 20-megapixel sensor that will boast a f/1.7 aperture. taking on both Apple and Samsung, this is said to be coupled with a secondary 16-megapixel camera.

Performance Octa core
Display 6.2 inch
Storageinch 128 GB
Camera 20+16 MP dual rear camera
Battery 3500 mAh
Ram 8 GB



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