OnePlus OxygenOS 101 #2 Update: (Reading Mode, Special Access & Hidden Apps!)

OnePlus release another update to OxygenOS users, this update is OxygenOS 101 #2. OnePlus getting new features and tips to get the best out of your OxygenOS experience of this update.

Reading Mode:

This feature is specially made for avid reader, but all users can use this update features, we are like the greyscale reading mode on the Kindle and wanted to implement something similar. With the Reading Mode enabled on the OnePlus 6, extended reading becomes really easy and enjoyable. The reading mode access in two ways, by adding apps that you wish to experience in Reading mode, the screen calibrates automatically when you open the app or by manually choosing Reading Mode from the display settings.

Hidden Apps:

This feature is getting more privacy options on your phone and You can hide your personal data from others, You can access a hidden space in your app drawer. Slide left to open up an additional app space where all your private apps can be tucked away from prying eyes. The hidden space acts as a vault where all your apps are secured from access and are unindexed from showing up in app search.

Special Access:

The OxygenOS 101 #2 update allow to apps control manually, the user can customized behavior settings for each app installed on your phone. The special access setting allows you to individually control aspects of the installed app’s behavior.

Restricting usage access, allowing picture-in-picture or granting permissions to apps to modify system settings. Special Access is your one-stop pro setting for all apps.

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Source: OnePlus


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