why Oppo sub-brand realme1 price is so cheap? to Oppo others Smartphone

Today I  I discussed recently launch Oppo sub-brand realme  1 in India and its price according to its specification is very cheap to compare to Oppo another smartphone. so the question create in our mind that why Oppo sub-brand realme1 price is so cheap?

Generally, Oppo always launches it’s all smartphone in the offline market,  so It has to spend a lot of money on so many stages like dealer Commission, banner advertisement, television advertisement, famous brand ambassador and many more. so the price of the offline market smartphone is costly. as compare to online market there is no dealer Commission, no banner advertisement also not need a famous brand ambassador. that’s why the online market smartphone price is too low.

the difference between the price in both online and offline market is a huge difference.  Oppo real me one starting price is 8990 rupees. if this mobile was launch in the offline market then its price approx more than 15000Rs. so it is clear that what is the difference between online market and offline market.

before one year Oppo and Vivo both company cover approx 50% market share of the smartphone in India. because of their cell their mobile in the offline market and become best selling smartphone in India. the reason behind it people of India don’t believe in the online market. that’s why they buy a smartphone in the offline market. so they have only two option Oppo and Vivo. Apart from these, there are some other companies Like Micromax, Lava, Intex also offline seller brand.  but Oppo and Vivo share huge margin for shop owner that’s why they prepare to sell Oppo and Vivo to the customer. it is the best advertisement that customer easily believes.

but now the trend is changed. the person of India believes in online shopping and the one more Chinese company Xiaomi which sell its product in the only online market at a very cheapest price. so more than one-year Xiaomi become the number one company of smartphone in India. Xiaomi launch every device and its price is very cheap so it’s all smartphone is very successful in India.

Oppo realizes that changing market strategy and launch its sub-brand real me one in offline market. and in future Vivo is also launch it’s phone in online market because the online market strategy is very simple compared to offline market strategy. now Indian become digital Indian so they also prefer online shopping.

so you easily understood what is the reason behind Oppo Sub-brand realme 1 is so cheap then Oppo other smartphones.

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