Rumor Galaxy S10 concepts: In-display camera & fingerprint sensor

Samsung continues to next S series flagship phone and now his new concepts with an in-display camera and fingerprint sensor on new Galaxy S10 concepts could be packed with three rear-facing cameras as well as a 3-D sensor to take on its rivals.

This is the new concepts of Galaxy S10, According to Twitter users, Ben Gaskin(@VenyaGaskin1) upcoming Galaxy S series phone comes with in-display camera setup as well as the fingerprint sensor also. These only concepts not reality but we are expecting Samsung may launch the Galaxy S10 with new features.

Samsung planned a big camera module in his Galaxy S10, he can also be surprised by Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus camera setup. Both variants come with variable aperture f/1.4 to f/2.4 best camera phone of 2018 now.

Previous information about the Galaxy S10 is that Samsung is working with an Israeli-based company called Mantis Vision to develop the technology needed for this feature. and the Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus will provide a fingerprint reader on the screen as an alternative biometric security feature. There are a number of handsets with this new technology that appears in 2018, so it will not be too surprising when Samsung is working with it.

Samsung could be launched three Galaxy S10 models, one with a triple-camera setup



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