Rumor: LG G8 Flagship Smartphone To Feature 4K LCD Display Panel

The LG G8 Flagship Smartphone will feature an LCD display panel with a 4K resolution, one known industry insider from China said earlier this week. The source hasn’t elaborated on the matter, making it unclear why LG may be considering such an unconventional resolution jump.

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While 4K screens have already been commercialized in the mobile industry, with Sony pioneering the technology in 2015 with the Xperia Z5, their uses remain extremely limited as the difference between 1,440p (QHD) and 2,160p panels is hardly observable to the human eye in the context of small-sized displays meant to be featured on smartphones.

A rumor that emerged online in mid-May suggested Samsung is also considering embracing 4K mobile displays with the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus, a pair of flagships expected to debut early next year.


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