Rumors OnePlus 6t could have three rear Cameras

Rumors seem to think some upcoming iteration of the OnePlus 6t will feature three rear-facing cameras, either this year or next. So here we are: I’m telling you about these rumors, although I’m not convinced this is going to happen.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10, a new iPhone X Plus & Oneplus 6  will feature three camera lenses. It isn’t clear what the third sensor. Three Camera in back trend strat chines company Huawei. Huawei incorporated three cameras into its P20 Pro— a 40-megapixel main camera, a 20-megapixel monochrome camera, and an 8-megapixel telephoto camera. Most outlets seem to think Apple’s third lens would be used for an enhanced zoom.

The triple rear camera setup allows consumers to take clearer and crisper pictures at different angles than single and dual peers and to use enhanced zoom features, can also be utilized for augmented reality solutions.

In this time Camera is the most important part of any smartphone. So it creates competition with all company. Maximum smartphone buyers first notice that is camera than other like processor and internal hardware. Dual camera setup is common in all flagship and midrange smartphone. So all smartphone makers company try something different. and upcoming maximum smartphone you can see three cameras on all devices.

Apple and Samsung already working on it. Their next flagship device my possible three cameras set up on back. Now Oneplus have to work on next oneplus6t for three cameras on the back. and also all smartphones makers should make this trends follow.

It’s also rumored that the next-generation iPhone will also feature triple camera setup with the 3D vision for Augmented Reality purposes to amaze its customers. The device could go as iPhone X Plus and anticipated to launched with triple camera setup.



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