Samsung could use its latest ‘Sound On Display’ technology in Galaxy S10 as its top new feature

At SID 2018, Samsung demonstrated a new technology called ‘Sound on Display’ which the company is planning to include in its next S-series flagship. A new technology that the company is reportedly working as a trump card for its Galaxy S10 device.

SoD ( Sound on Display )’ technology is a new technology that uses a vibrating device on the display to play sound through a panel vibration. With SoD technology, the handset can be completely eliminated, resulting in a more complete “full screen”.

Without the traditional speaker, the micro-vibration percussion method allows the sound to be transmitted to the user’s ear through resonance. Redux also proposed similar technology last year.

If successful, the Galaxy S10’s screen ratio is expected to increase from the current 18.5:9 to 21:9, which is suitable for watching Netflix’s streaming video. It has been recently confirmed that the Galaxy S10 will also feature an In-Screen fingerprint sensor which will be different from its competitors.


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