Samsung Galaxy S10 Confirmed fingerprint scanner feature an on-screen

Now so many upcoming smartphone companies will provide fingerprint scanner on display feature so Samsung also prepares for this feature for an upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone. Chines company VIVO already announced of this feature is in next flagship smartphone.

Samsung has changed its plan to feature its much-anticipated Fingerprint Scanner feature On Display technology in its upcoming flagship Galaxy Note 9. Galaxy Note 9 launch this year.

Now The company is planning to plant the new feature in its 10th addition of S series device Galaxy S10 which is speculated to launch in the start of 2019.

The South Korean tech giant tried to install the FOD (Fingerprint on display)  in its Galaxy S8 device but due to technical difficulties, failed to compose a successful product.

Meanwhile, Chinese companies already applied FOD technology to their smartphones, mocking Samsung technologies as a failure in new innovation but Samsung has something else in its sleeves.

The ultrasonic FOD, which is being developed by Samsung Electronics, Qualcomm, and Apple, is a method to capture the minute features of the skin surface using ultrasound. Although the parts cost is rather high and the yield is difficult to secure, it is the most stable technology in terms of accuracy and durability.

Unlike Chinese companies, Samsung Electronics intends to develop FOD technology by itself because it is likely that the technology will be utilized not only in smartphones but also in various fields such as home appliances, IOT, and automobiles in the future.

Now all smartphones company use this feature in their upcoming device. so wait and see this feature is common in next year.

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