Samsung patents In-Display Fingerprint scanner for smartwatches

Samsung Patent Illustrates Continued Work on In-Display Fingerprint Scanning for Future Smartphones and Galaxy Watch. The sensor is capable of detecting a touch having a specified pressure which the company refers as “force touch”.

Samsung noted that the sensor will only detect the lower part of the display, in this case, the part of the touch of force through a specified area. The fingerprint recognition area will be located within this force touch area. And also the smartphone may include various non-illustrated hardware modules.

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In Samsung’s patent point they specifically stated that “The display device may include a display panel, a touch sensor, and/or an electronic pen sensor. The display panel may include an LCD panel, an LED display panel, an OLED display panel, a MEMS display panel, or an electronic paper display panel. The touch sensor may include a capacitive touch panel, a pressure-sensitive touch panel, a resistive touch panel, an infrared touch panel, or an ultrasonic touch panel.





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