Samsung’s new flagship the Galaxy Note 9’s manual now available

Samsung has published Galaxy Note 9’s manual, Many phone users will ever look at their new phone’s manual. Other people go through them before acquiring their new device – to be well prepared or just as a little fun. Any person interested in the Galaxy Note 9, whatever category you belong to, can now get his heart.

Galaxy Note 9 manual

Document of 308 page tells almost all the function and options of the Galaxy Note 9. With pictures, though not with everything. We have not searched any major surprises soon. Of course, there are new, unexpected details such as details for adding a new S Pen. Due to the Bluetooth connection, you definitely can not use ‘any S Pen’. No, if you have an old piece, then you have to first connect new ones – at least if you really want to use all the Bluetooth related features Logical? Yes. New in a not.


Next week, Samsung’s new note will be in the store, and the first pre-orders will be sent. The manual of Galaxy Note 9 is displayed in good time.

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