Second, Bit Larger Galaxy Watch with 1.3-inch screen passed through FCC

A few days ago, we passed along the news that the Galaxy Watch had received thumbs up from the FCC. And Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch, one with model numbers SM-R815U and SM-R815W, went through the FCC. Today, a different Larger Galaxy Watch model, SM-R805U received its approval from the U.S. regulatory agency.

We can expect that variant of Galaxy Watch to feature a size measurement of 51.2mm x 43.4mm, as well as a 1.2″ display, but that compared with the new model is larger as it weighs in at 48mm with a 1.3-inch display.

From the diagrams found in FCC records, we can clearly see that the cases for the two different models differ every so slightly.

Both variants of the Galaxy Watch support the same LTE bands and Wi-Fi, which means that the larger unit will also be compatible with the LTE networks or Wi-Fi (802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n).





Souce: FCC



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