Snapchat update for iOS adds CallKit support, enables Cat Lenses

Snapchat update for iOS users, the latest update adds CallKit integration, that means makes it easier to call Snapchat users without having to go through your Phone application.

As part of version 10.44, Snapchat calling now offers full CallKit integration. Additionally, the update adds new ‘Cat Lenses,’ simply, tap the camera to activate Lenses and swipe left in the carousel until you find the new ones.

Also, you’ll now be able to answer voice calls from friends without having to open Snapchat, as they will now appear in the incoming calls interface. Last but not least, notifications via CarPlay will be available as well. The call displays the generic Phone design with a “Snapchat Audio” subtext, similar to FaceTime Audio.

CallKit has been integrated by several popular communication apps. The framework was introduced as part of iOS 10 and has been adopted by apps such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Google Hangouts.




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