Some Google Home users are receiving Digital Wellbeing features

Here is good news for Google Home users, the new Digital Wellbeing option is now available in the Google Home app. Google announced that this feature would arrive with the Google Home Hub and their other smart speakers which includes the Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Google Home Max.

Google Home App getting a new update includes a breakdown of your smart home by room and device

Digital Wellbeing features were introduced in Android 9 Pie for the first time and they let you monitor your app usage, set an app timer, reduce your usage at night, flip to silence your phone, and more Give up. But as it turns out, Google wants to expand the digital wellbeing tool into its smart speaker products like the Google Home family.

According to Reddit user who posts about new options, currently, two features are available: Filter and Downtime. Filters add you age restrictions and prevent media from running for non-registered users while downtime blocks all the voice commands during the specified time. Downtime is like an automatic Do Not Disturb mode on Android devices.

There’s no telling when the new feature will be rolled out for all users. It’s possible it may be regionally restricted like many Google Home features tend to be. Regardless, I think there will be plenty of users who are happy to see new tools to manage how they or their families use their smart speakers.


Source: Reddit


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