Top 10 Google Assistant Unknown Features, You Should Try

Google Assistant is the best virtual assistant right now, be it on phones, on smart speakers, smart displays, smart TVs or any other device. You will be able to Learn Top 10 Google Assistant Hidden Features, Tips & Tricks. That You Must Check Out. Today we are here with Detail guide on  Google Assistant Hidden Features. As we all know, it’s not the hardware specs alone that define a watch.

#1 Unlock Hidden Games

If you’ve got a time to kill and you’re bored of scrolling mindlessly through Facebook, try this little hack. Ask Google Assistant to play a game and you may be surprised by what you find.

Google Assistant has a whole load of quizzes and puzzles built into it, which means that you have fun on tap, whenever you need some. Hurrah!

#2 Select Your Favorite Google Assistant Voice

We all know that Google Assistant comes with a female voice with an American accent. However, if you don’t like it you can change its voice as now Google Assistant supports multiple voices which include both men and women voices with different accents. Even if you don’t have any problem with the default voice, I would suggest that you check out the other voices as there are quite a good sounding. To change your Google Assistant’s voice launch it and then go to Settings -> Preferences -> Assistant Voice and select the one that you find the best.

#3 Take and share screenshots

You can capture screenshots on Android phones by holding the power and volume buttons, but Assistant can do it, too. In fact, it might be faster if you intend to share the screenshot right away. Open Assistant and say, “take a screenshot” or “share a screenshot.”

It takes a moment to capture the screenshot, but you’ll get a preview as soon as it’s done. Assistant then immediately brings up the sharing interface so you can send the screen to a message or upload it someplace. The screenshots taken via Assistant aren’t saved locally, so you won’t end up with clutter from repeated screenshot captures.

#4 Unique way to Unlock your smartphone

Most of the persons unlock over smartphone with Fingerprint, PIN, Pattern, Password, Iris and Face Look but all these are the very common way to unlocking the smartphone. But with Google Assistant you will unlock smartphone with “Voice”. Don’t worry your smartphone is Unlocked only with your VOICE, not with others.

How to set:

STEP 1: Go to setting> Lock and security> Enable the Smart Lock

After done these settings you just say “OK GOOGLE” your mobile will be Unlocked.

STEP 2: Say “Ok Google”> On the top right side> Three Dot’s icon> CLICK on it> Enable the TRUSTED VOICE option.

#5 Block Swear Words

This one is totally necessary if you have kids who are likely to use your phone. With or without your permission.

To stop Google Assistant from hearing a swear word and *gasp* repeating it to your child, try this. Go to Settings > Voice and you should find an option along the lines of ‘Block offensive words.’ Once you enable this function, your Android phone won’t ever drop the F-bomb unexpectedly. Thank f**k!

#6 Get Currency and Unit Conversions

Google Assistant is also very useful when you need to perform any type of currency or unit conversions. I can just say things like, “Hey Google, convert $78 into INR” and it will do that for me. Do note that when you say dollars, it automatically uses US dollars as the currency. If you want to convert other dollar currencies such as the Canadian or Australian dollars, you will have to mention that in your command.

#7 Try some number tricks

Google’s always been able to flip a coin or roll a die for you — and it still can — but with Assistant, you can also now ask it to give you a random number. Plus, Assistant can count up or down between any digits you like; just tell it to “count from 1 to 10,” “count from 20 to zero,” or whatever parameters your digit-loving heart desires.

#8 Read and Send Messages

Google Assistant doesn’t just send messages with ease, it can also read messages with equal ease. All you have to do is say something along the lines of “read the text messages for today”. What’s more, you can even use the same conversation to reply to one of them.

This feature can be extended to Whatsapp, email clients and other messaging services also that is set on your phone by default.

#9 Flip a Coin

Talking about all things smart, if you ever find yourself at crossroads then let Assistant make it easy for you.

Along with some tinkling sounds, it will spill out the result in seconds. Arriving at a decision at your hand  (err…on your smartphone) was never this easy.

#10 Translate Sentences

With the help of Google Translate, Assistant can speak entire sentences you ask it to translate from one language to another. For example, say, “How do I say thank you in Hindi?” or, “How do I say hello in Spanish?” to have translated sentences to appear on the screen as well as heard through your phone speaker.

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I hope to use to understand all the article on Top 10 Google Assistant Unknown Features, You Should Try. If you have any problem then ask in the comment box.  We can solve your problem.
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