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Top 10 Windows 10 keyboard hidden features, Tips & Tricks

Top 10 Windows 10 keyboard hidden features. Computer users are usually divided into two groups those who prefer using their Mouse and those who’d rather use hotkeys, well that latter group is onto something because experts have found that you can lose about 64 hours a year just by clicking on things.

You’re ready to boost your productivity and look cool while doing it then check out these ten quick keyboard combinations that’ll make your life way easier.

#1 Redo

I think we can all agree that the undo button or Ctrl + Z keyboard command should make it to the list of the best things ever created but computer geniuses didn’t stop there they thought of the opposite yet equally useful command as well the next time you need to redo something you accidentally unbid just press “CTRL + Y “ your work like it’s no big deal.

#2 Create a new Folder

You can always do it the good old fashioned way by right-clicking your mouse and going down to create a folder option but why waste time when you can do the same thing with literally one command just press “Ctrl + Shift + N”  well on in your desktop and explorer window and your new folder will instantly pop up ready to be named.

#3 Delete files completely

How do you usually delete a file- Highlight it and press Delete or pick it up and drag it to the recycle bin yourself either way it’s still going to the same place where it’ll probably sit for an eternity until you decide to empty the recycle bin too. If you want to delete your files completely just highlight them and press “Shift + Delete”. Windows will ask you to confirm your intention to permanently delete the files and then they’ll be gone.

#4 The emoji keyboard

f you can’t imagine sending a message without a cute winky face or everyone’s favourite laughing cry one then try this trick out whenever your’s on your computer. Just press “Windows + . (period) and enjoy the emoji keyboard on your windows device.

#5 Minimize all windows

If you opened too many windows on your desktop and you want to close all the windows all you have to do is press the “Windows + M” and your desktop is now clear!

#6 Lock Windows

If you need to lock windows itself not a problem just press “Windows + L” at the same time.

#7 Add a new virtual desktop

If you usually keep a lot of apps open at once or prefer to use your PC for different types of tasks virtual desktops will be a lifesaver when it comes to staying uncluttered and organized to add a new virtual desktop whenever you need it. Press the “Windows along with Ctrl + D”  If you need to move back and forth between your desktops press the “Windows key with Ctrl + Right or left arrow”and close the virtual desktop for good that’ll Windows Key Ctrl + F4.

#8 Open Chrome in incognito mode

If you need incognito mode well simply press “Ctrl +
 Shift + N” to save yourself some time.

#9 Open a recently closed tab

If you’re closed an important tab by mistake, Google Chrome has got you covered all you have to do is press “Ctrl + Shift + T” and that tab will come right back. Chrome actually remembers the last 10 tabs you’ve closed so each time you use this command your browser will keep grabbing from this bank of sorts.

#10 Open Links in a tab without going into that tab

When you use Google to look something up you click on a search result and it opens up and send you straight to a new tab but when you need to open more results your search, you constantly have to go back to that original page instead of all that time wasting inconvenience. Just hold Ctrl key while clicking on the different links. This simple shortcut will help you remain on the search page while opening all the results you need in separate tabs and this method is pretty much universal for any link you click in Google Chrome.

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I hope to use to understand all the article on Top 10 Windows 10 keyboard hidden features, Tips & Tricks. If you have any problem then ask in the comment box. We can solve your problem.

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