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Top 5 Games for Galaxy Watch, that you can’t miss

You will be able to know Top 5 Games for Galaxy Watch, that you can’t miss. Today we are here with Detail guide on Top 5 Galaxy Watch games. The presentation of 5 new and updated Galaxy Watch Games. Thanks to our editors and our community members who have suggested these great new Games, we hope you will enjoy them.

Samsung Galaxy Watch is the most popular Samsung smartwatch in the market at the present moment. It amazed everyone with its powerful hardware and Tizen software version. It is the third Tizen smartwatch after Gear S3, in this meantime, it has attracted many customers. It is even selling better than other Android & Apple smartwatches, also better results than Fitbit.

Here is the list of best 5 games for Galaxy Watch.


The Asphalt 6: Adrenaline is the racing game and six episode in biggest franchise game series Asphalt. The good quality graphics & excellent visual effects are worth to play it. There is two more parts of this game – Asphalt 8: Airborne & Asphalt 7: Heat. This one is old now but still enjoyable on Samsung Galaxy Watch.


The classic Snake game from the good old Nokia days is here to make a comeback on your Super AMOLED Galaxy Watch screen. The best thing about this game apart from the nostalgia is the way you can control the snake’s direction. No stupid virtual keys here, it’s all in the magic of the Rotating bezel of the Galaxy Watch. This is a game we recommend for all of our Galaxy Watch users as it is even less demanding on the battery and still lets you have fun.


The Fruit Ninja is swipe & cut genre. Use your finger to cut all the fruits on your screen. But be careful don’t touch bombs and other dangerous obstacles to avoid any damages. It is a very popular game on all devices so you must play it.


In this game be a mighty person & try to defeat the monster. Use your all skills and experience to gain good points in it. Every point will lead you in the later gameplay. Download Monster Vampire on your Samsung Gear S3 for free of cost.


For the football fans out there, it’s your turn to guard the post and stop all the footballs coming your way using the rotating bezel. That might sound easy, but the catch here is that you have to let pumpkins, Yes pumpkins for some reason to pass you while you save the balls. Come in the way of the pumpkin and your game’s over. This is one of those games where you set a high score and then challenge your friends to beat it.


I hope to use to understand all the article on Top 5 Games for Galaxy Watch, that you can’t miss. If you have any problem then ask in the comment box.  We can solve your problem.
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