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Twitter update for iOS adds new floating compose button, additional spam report options

Twitter update for iOS users, the latest update adds a new floating compose button, additional spam report options. The new compose interface is based around a floating action button, similar to many Android applications.

According to Twitter Support “We’ve got a shiny, new compose button to unveil on Twitter for iOS! Easier than ever to use, the floating icon is prominently displayed and perfect for one-handed scrolling and Tweet composing. Pro tip: Press and hold the icon to access your drafts, photos, and the GIF gallery.”.

Additional spam report options:

  • When you go to report a tweet, you currently see four options:
  1. I’m not interested in this tweet
  2. It’s suspicious or spam
  3. It displays a sensitive image
  4. It’s abusive or harmful
  • When you choose the spam option, however, Twitter has added new sub choices:
  1. The account tweeting this is fake
  2. Includes a link to a potentially harmful, malicious, or phishing site,
  3. The hashtags included seem unrelated
  4. Uses the reply function to spam
  5. It’s something else

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