Upcoming Galaxy S10: Add ‘Sound On Display’ and get ‘6.2-inch Full View’ Screen

Samsung demonstrated a new technology called ‘Sound on Display’ which the company is planning to include in its Galaxy S10 flagship smartphone. Sound on Display is a new technology that uses a vibrating device on the display to play sound through a panel vibration. With Sound on display technology, the handset can be completely eliminated, resulting in a more complete “full screen”.

Samsung’s New Flagship Phone Galaxy S10 Concepts With Triple Lens Camera

According to a new report, Samsung Display and LG Display are developing full-screen OLED panel technology without a separate mic receiver. This will enable smartphones with these displays to do away with the traditional earpiece, thereby allowing for even thinner bezels and more screen space on devices.

The screen itself will allow users to hear, and users would simply have to place the phone against their ears to use it normally, as they would with a typical earpiece on a call. The transmission bandwidth is 100 ~ 8000 Hz.

Samsung could use its latest ‘Sound On Display’ technology in Galaxy S10 as its top new feature

A SoD would mean that the earpiece no longer needs to be factored into the design of the phone, allowing the screen to potentially stretch a bit higher. The lack of a physical earpiece would allow a bit more screen space, without needing to include the notch.

Currently, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ feature 18.5:9 aspect ratio. However, there are thin bezels at the top and bottom, with the one at the top housing various key components including the front camera, sensors, and earpiece.

as reported. The SoD technology could debut on the Samsung Galaxy S10, which is expected to launch early next year.



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